Welcoming Home the Dachshunds

I would love to introduce our newest family members; Lola & Winnie!

Winnie playing with her duck

Lola having a chew on her teether

These two came into our lives after we had to say goodbye to our beloved Trinity. Trinity was the light of my life and my constant source of comfort and love. Trinity would have been 14-years-old this coming September. My life isn’t complete without a dachshund (or two) in it. I got my first pair of dachshunds my senior year of high school (2005). Chloe and Trinity were litter mates and now we have another pair of litter mates in Lola and Winnie. Lola and Winnie are currently 9-weeks-old and are working on learning their names and potty training (how can little puppies pee so much??). I also have a 3-year-old Pomchi named Cooper but he will get a post of his own shortly. I hope you enjoy these cute videos of our girls!


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